The Ukrainian Conflict: Prospects for Peace? – conversation with Volodomyr Dubovyk at Opinion Peace Podcast by the Centre for Peace Studies, Tromso, Norway.

To listen the talk please visit web-site of Opinion Peace Podcast.

The Center's Director Volodymyr Dubovyk has went on a visit to Norway in January-February 2019.

"Foreign Policy of Ukraine: the way to the EU and NATO" – conversation with Volodomyr Dubovyk at First City Radio, Odesa, Ukraine.

To listen the talk in Ukrainian please visit web-site of First City Radio.

Director of the Center Volodymyr Dubovyk is spending the months of November-December 2018 in Germany.

Director of the Center Volodymyr Dubovyk has carried out a visit to the United States of America on September 20 - October 2, 2018.

The Director and the Research Fellows of the Center for International Studies participated in the working meeting of the "Eurasia Peace Studies Exchange 2020" project that has taken place at Hamburg University on March 20-22, 2018 (hosted by Dr. Anna Krekemeyer).

The session of the Ukraine - NATO Interparliamentary Council has taken place in Odesa on March 5-6, 2018. The roundtable "Ukraine, Russia and NATO, and the Black sea" was convened at the Odesa Mechnikov National Unuversity as a part of this session on March 6.

V. Dubovyk has participated in the expert workshop on the shifting dynamics of Black Sea security in Stockholm on December 7-8, 2017. It was organized by Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI).