The Center for International Studies is a research, education and outreach organization which activates in the field of international relations, foreign policy and security studies, European and Euro-Atlantic integration, American studies, and regional sciences.

It was establised in June 1992 as an integral part of then Odessa I.I. Mechnikov State University. It does serve as a division for conducting research in the fields of international relations, foreign policy, security studies, American and European studies, Black Sea regional security. The Department of Modern and Contemporary History of Foreign Countries was at the roots of the Center. The formation of the School of International Relations in 1994 and of the Department of International Relations in 1996 have further strengthened Center’s academic potential. The Center, the School and the Department contribute to the work of each other as they are carrying their activities out in realms of both research and teaching.

The Center was founded by Professor and Academician, Distinguished Scholar of Ukraine Semyen Appatov (1930 – 2003). His work started in 1960-s and served as a basis for both teaching and research in the spheres of theory, history and historiography of international relations and foreign policy. Special attention was given to the study of U.S. foreign policy and foreign policy thought. The study of Ukraine’s standing at the international arena, its national security, main principles of foreign policy and its major directions and conceptual foundations – these have become an essential part of the Center’s studies since 1991. The other significant thematic dimensions of research have followed. S. Appatov directed the Center from 1992 to 1999. Since 1999 to present the Center’s director has been Volodymyr Dubovyk.

The Center stands behind the publications of monographs and articles, convening conferences and workshops. It is involved in a search of the relevant grants and executing the research projects. The Center maintains relationship with a number of professional partner organizations. It also hosts the library, which is comprised of a solid collection of sources in many languages, ranging from monographs and periodicals to textbooks and conference proceedings. It does have a largest variety of English language scholarly periodicals in the fields of international relations and foreign policy in Ukraine.