A round table devoted to the 450th anniversary of the Eighty Years' War and 240th anniversary of the American Revolution was hold on the December 9, 2016. It was organized by the Department of International Relations, Institute of Social Sciences and the Department of Modern and Contemporary History of the Faculty of History, Odessa Mechnikov National University.

Opening remarks were delivered by Professor Viktor Glebov, the Director of the Institute of Social Sciences, Professor Olga Brusylovska, Head of the International Relations Department, and Professor Oleg Dyomin, Head of the Department of Modern History.

Professor Dyomin has mentioned that revolutions were studied even at the times and in frame of the Imperial Novorossiya University. In Soviet times, the Odessa State University was the only university that specifically examined the causes of revolutions and hosted all-union conferences.

This roundtable is a continuation of traditions with an emphasis on the effect of the revolutions on a history of concrete countries and regions, as well as international relations.

Iryna Maksymenko and Denys Kuzmin took part in this event.

In her speech, Iryna Maksymenko focused on the ideas of the American Revolution, which are still relevant today in the context of the Revolution of dignity.

Denys Kuzmin in his speech reviewed the origins of the ideas of European unity in the Dutch political thought, especially in the works of Erasmus Roterodamus, Hugo Grotius, Benedictus de Spinoza.