On April 4, 2019 Volodymyr Dubovyk took part in the panel "Ukraine's presidential election: implications for the country's future" in Helsinki, Finland. It was convened by the Finnish Institute of International Affairs (FIIA).

The purpose of this event was to discuss the presidential campaign and the election’s implications for the future of the country. The event focused on both regional and general aspects of Ukraine’s presidential race. This panel was chaired by Arkady Moshes, programme director, FIIA. Two other speakers were Andrew Wilson, Senior Policy Fellow, European Council on Foreign Relations and Ryhar Nizhnikav, FIIA.

In his presentation V. Dubovyk has assessed the general atmosphere and the results of the first round of the elections, explained the specificity of the elections in the south of Ukraine and the Odesa region in particular, discussed potential implications of the elections for Ukraine's international relations.