On September 28, 2016 the meeting of the Odessa Standing Group on Theory, History and Historiography was held on at Odessa House of Scientists with participation of James H. Armstead, Professor of the United States Naval War College. In his report on "Political Counter Forces and International Order" Mr. Armstead briefed participants on four principle geostrategic political forces.

Among which we see nationalism, that is primarily characterized by common interests and understanding of possibility of an effective development within these borders and with this population. Globalism expresses the objective spread of good ideas around the world and the use of GPS can be an illustration of this principle in action. Tribalism is mainly understood as the community of people with one or similar culture, religion, history and so on. And this factor is manifested through the interrelatedness of people and better understanding of common problems. Another important factor is fundamentalism as a kind of idealization of the "golden age" for each country and believe that it is possible to get back to that time by using the principles and ideas that prevailed at the time.

Of course, all these factors can coexist and be combined in one particular country, but usually one is still prevailing. And it is balance between them that makes it possible to determine the level of stability in the country.

Special attention was dedicated to the need for cooperation and interaction, as well as to the analysis of the misunderstandings that might arise between the representatives of different countries. With this regard it is important to understand different culture, political culture, different views and different problems. In certain cases, horizontal contacts between experts of a particular field and effective interaction of functionaries can foster the settlement of such questions.

During discussion participants addressed the issues of the difference between the views of Huntington and Fukuyama, the presence or absence of a "golden age" in each country, the applicability of this theory to analyze Ukrainian realities, the difference between such concepts as expansion and enlargement, the importance and connections between globalization and westernization.

At his final remarks James Armstead has mentioned that the sense of reality and what we believe is possible is true only for about five generations and only great statesmen are able to look and plan for a broader perspective.