A roundtable “The current state of Ukrainian-Canadian relations” was held on March 29, 2016. This was the March meeting of the Odessa Standing Group on Theory, History and Historiography of the International Relations. As ususal, this meeting took place at Odessa House of Scientists.

Maryna Rabinovich, PhD student of Faculty of Economics and Law, and Volodymyr Dubovyk, Director of the Center for International Studies at Odessa I. I. Mechnikov National University made reports and comments.

In her report Maryna Rabinovich described the evolution of Ukrainian-Canadian relations since the beginning of the so called Ukrainian crisis in 2014. According to her, the previous conservative government of Steven Harper supported Ukraine more actively, than the current liberal government of Justin Trudeau. M. Rabinovich concluded that the current Canadian government considers options of renewing cooperation with Russia.

In his comment, Volodymyr Dubovyk shared his experience of participating in a bunch of events in Canada in 2015. In those he met some leading Canadian experts and policy makers. According to him, the current Canadian liberal government, indeed, considers option of the limited cooperation with Russia. This is driven by their desire to return to traditional for Canada multilateral diplomacy and to become less dependent from the policy of the United States. However, Volodymyr Dubovyk emphasized that Canada would not lift economic sanctions on Russia and would continue to support Ukraine.

The participants of the seminar have also discussed the role and influence of Ukrainian community in the political life of Canada.