International Relations and Foreign Policy in “Post-Truth” Era, ed. О. Brusylovska, 12-32. Kyiv: Vadex, 2018.

The monograph is dedicated to the study of the peculiarities of international relations and foreign policy in the post-truth era. The focus is made on a political culture in which public opinion and news content are almost completely detached from the realities of social and political life. Contemporary discourse is formed by appealing to the emotions and personal convictions of the audience, repeating the same argument and ignoring objective facts that do not fit into a given concept. The phenomenon of "post-truth" arises when the information consumer becomes an equal subject of the process essentially. Therefore, special attention is given to non-traditional media and their role in hybrid wars. Based on the study of internal and external challenges for Ukraine, Russian-Ukrainian, Polish-Ukrainian relations, the policy of the western neighbors of Ukraine, foreign policy of the Russian Federation, Germany, Turkey, Bulgaria, as well as individual cases such as the Catalan problem, current trends and challenges to the system international relations and national security of states are identified.

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