The Center's Director Volodymyr Dubovyk and Senior Research Fellow Denys Kuzmin have been joined by three Ph.D. and masters students (Valeriia Gergiieva, Anastasia Herasymchuk and Lev Kusyk) from the Division of international relations of the Odessa I. Mechnikov National University on October 23 - 28, 2017.

They have participated in the workshop "Bridging divides: European and Eurasian perspectives on peace and war". This workshop was the first event within the project "Eurasian Peace Studies Exchange 2020", which was launched by the University of Tromso (Norway) with a network of partners, including Mechnikov University.

The problems of post-Soviet/Eurasian security - from Kyrgyzstan to South Caucasus to Ukraine - have been addressed in the course of five days long workshop. This event has been hosted by Ilia State University, Tbilisi.


V. Dubovyk has also delivered a guest lecture on October 25, 2017 for the students of the International Black Sea University in Tbilisi.

In it he has compared the challenges that Ukraine and Georgia face in proceeding with reforms, dealing with security threats, implementing their European and Euroatlantic integration agendas.