On September 25th V. Dubovyk has delivered a public talk "America under president D. Trump: first impressions, lessons, trends".

This event was co-organized by Kennan Institute Kyiv office, Fulbright Ukraine and "Fulbright circle" association. It took place at the "Ukrainian news" information agency, Kyiv. In his presentation V. Dubovyk has revisited the results of the 2016 elections in U.S. and offered several considerations that might help to explain the results. He then proceeded to analysis of the first several months of D. Trump presidency. The focus was on societal and political trends, developments in both major parties, role of media and courts. The speaker has addressed a certain number of divisive issues for the American society today, presented the main points of contention in the public debate there. This presentation was followed by a lengthy and lively discussion with the audience.