Prof. Volodymyr Dubovyk has delivered a talk on "Ukraine between EU, US and Russia: the Quest for Security and Development".

It was hosted by World Affairs Council Austin and took place on January 31, 2017. In it V. Dubovyk has stated that since the beginning of Euromaidan Ukraine finds itself entangled in a deep crisis that dramatically alters the situation in the country, its internal (socio-economic, regional) dynamics and international positioning vis-à-vis its neighbors and also other significant regional and global players. Throughout this period of time Ukraine has been faced with a number of urgent and critical challenges. It had to: engage in a military conflict with Russian troops and their proxies in Eastern Ukraine; cleanse the political system and introduce real, meaningful reforms; reinvigorate its fledgling (and scarred by war) economy. In doing all this Ukraine must find a right format of dealing with international players, the most significant among them being Russia, EU and U.S.