The director of the Center for International Studies V. Dubovyk, senior research fellow S. Glebov and research fellow O. Cheban have taken part in the round-table "The Ukraine crisis, Budapest memorandum and the role of U.S." which was held at the National University "Odessa Law Academy" on May 4, 2016. It was supported by the Kennan Institute Kyiv Office.

The participants have discussed the very definition of the crisis and came to conclusion that the more appropriate definition for it would be "a crisis over Ukraine", as many roots of the problems are not in Ukraine and have to do with external action, including, of course, a Russian aggression against Ukraine. The role of the Budapest memorandum has been revisited, while the discussion has revealed a wide array of opinions on whether this document was a viable instrument to provide for security of Ukraine and whether Ukraine's Western co-signatories of this document - U.S. and U.K. - have fulfilled their obligations under this memorandum.

Finally, the particular role of the United States as it finds itself aiding Ukraine in facing many challenges that our country has today was also put under discussion.