Odessa’s analysts, economists, environmentalists, expert in international relations have initiated the public movement "Expert Control". This initiative aims to promote more active participation of experts from various fields to work out recommendations for central, regional and local authorities.

That includes also the monitoring of the authorities actions, and to help them. There are plans to expand the number of participants in the project, to create working groups. This project was the idea both of the Regional Branch of the National Institute for Strategic Studies in Odessa and the Center for International Studies, Odessa I.I. Mechnikov National University.

This initiative was proposed at the roundtable when political scientists, economists, ecologists, experts in international relations discussed social and political situation in the country. Experts stressed that the problems of the country in general and Odessa region in particular, despite its specificity are similar - imperfect legal, economic and fiscal system, corruption and so on. Using the experience and knowledge of experts from different fields is one of the ways to elaborate effective policy of regional authorities.

Artem Filipenko, director of the Odessa branch of the National Institute for Strategic Studies, suggested the following steps: monitoring of local authorities’ actions and decisions’ implementation. He pointed out that civil society’s control over the authorities is very important, because civil society during recent events and the revolution gave evidence of a certain political maturity. It is important not to lose this pace despite the external threats that exist today. For their part, the participants of "Expert Control" are ready to provide expertise actions of the authorities, and their decision, as well to offer its own - perhaps better - options.

Volodymyr Dubovyk, Director of the Center for International Studies, ONU named after I.I. Mechnikov, mentioned that there is a need to remember the priorities that we face. To clearly realize these priorities. And one of the priorities is indeed to create a network of public experts, experts from various fields who would monitor the actions of the new government. And not only to follow or monitor, but also to help the new government. In order to getting rid of one clan or clique that usurped power in Ukraine in recent years, we have not come to a situation where the new government would only be slightly better.

Also on Friday, March 14, participants of the "Expert Control" discussed the situation around Crimea in the studio of Odessa State TV and Radio Company. Their conclusion - that happens in Crimea cannot be called free will. Political scientists J. Melnyk and G. Chizhov, economists M. Borysov and E. Karazha, international relations S. Glebov and V. Dubovyk.